About our attorneys

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing services to benefit their communities. By focusing on estate planning and administration, probate litigation, probate administration, and legal services for small businesses and start-ups, our firm gives our clients the peace of mind of knowing their goals will be met and protected.

Our goal is to always provide our clients with exceptional service and transparency in our approach. We believe in forming relationships with all our clients and being accessible to ensure we timely address our clients’ needs and concerns.

Our Principles



Our firm provides experienced and knowledgeable legal services to ensure diligent representation of our clients.



We are focused on providing personalized legal advice to ensure that the solution and planning reflects the unique needs of our clients.



Our attorneys provide dedicated and flexible legal services to ensure that our clients receive support when and where they need it.

Our Practice areas

Our estate planning practice focuses on assisting clients in establishing clear and personalized estate plans that enable them to feel confident that their family, legacy and wishes will be protected.

Our estate planning services include estate planning for individuals with special needs.

We advocate for our clients whether it be disputing a testamentary instrument or enforcing one. Both David and Megan know when to be cooperative or when to be aggressive to obtain the best possible result for our clients. David and Megan believe in being practical and efficient to ensure fees and costs are reasonable.

Our law firm provides clear and tireless assistance through the oftentimes daunting legal system to help our clients navigate the probate process. We understand probate can be confusing, and whether it be administrating probate or assisting you through the process, David and Megan will be happy to work with you to ease your burden.

Legal services such as entity formation, contract preparation, contract review, employment issues, or general legal advice affect all small businesses, and proper legal guidance is essential to small business owners.

We assist the elderly plan properly plan for their future, including Medical planning and asset protection.